March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Picture To Be Added to New Dictionary Definition of "Sleazy"

SPRINGFIELD, MA - (The Comedy News) - Actor Charlie Sheen has gone from making headlines in tabloids to being immortalized in the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Part of an initiative to make definitions more relevant to narrow twenty-first century minds, the Merriam Webster Dictionary has updated the definition of the word "sleazy" to reflect cultural icons and commonplace activities.

The text of the new definition of "sleazy" featuring Charlie Sheen's picture:



a lowbrow, talentless person or figure with a well-known reputation for speaking unintellectualy in the public spotlight.

2. continual batterer of romantic mates that manages to gain more (typically younger, comparable in sleaze) romantic mates despite vindictive, destructive, impulsive, and dangerous reputation; chronic misogynistic behavior.

3. dim quality concealed by a paternal reputation for genuine ability to act or perform, diminished due to self-destructive behavior and tendency to be unreliable in demeanor.


1974-86; (def.1) influenced by a growing resume of mainstream film roles of douchebags, jocks and too-cool-for-school bullies.

2002-08; (def. 2) evidence of saying and doing anything to have a marital partner; eventually and physically expressing unfounded contempt.

1965; ( def. 3) having been born into privilege yet defaulting to living in mediocrity---socially, professionally, and intellectually.

nat·a·lie·ken·ley, adverb
mel·gib·son, noun

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