December 13, 2010

Big Ten Changes Name to Fat Fourteen

University of Chicago and Lake Forest College to Return to Expanded, Renamed Big Ten
PARK RIDGE, IL - (@TheComedyNews) - The Big Ten Conference has expanded for one more time. What started with adding the Nebraska Cornhuskers to their conference in 2010 has resulted with the adding of two additional schools and a name change to the entire conference.

The University of Chicago Maroons, which left the Big Ten Conference in 1946, have returned to the esteemed conference following a 64-year absence. They bring national championship contention football back to the south side of Chicago, along with a natural rivalry with Northwestern University. The Maroons will play their football games at Comiskey Park --the current home to the Chicago White Sox baseball franchise.

The fourteenth addition to the conference formerly known as the "Big Ten" is the Lake Forest College Foresters.

About 115 years ago, officials from Lake Forest College attended the initial meeting of Midwestern universities that led to the creation of the Big Ten Conference. Their spot in the conference, however, was given to the University of Michigan. The Foresters intend avenge this in the form of a rivalry with the Wolverines. Lake Forest will play their football games between the playground and the tennis courts at Lake Forest Park, until a suitable stadium can be financed and built.

The name change from the Big 10 to the Fat 14 is expected to be well-received by all parties involved. "Fat Fourteen Conference" not only accurately reflects the number of teams in the conference, but also is based on the perception held by the East and West Coast television markets in regards to the waistlines of the residents of the Midwestern United States.

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