October 17, 2012

Obama Quotes Eminem from "8 Mile" in Debate 2 with Romney

HEMPSTEAD, NY (@The Comedy News) - At Tuesday night's debate at Hofstra University, President Obama channeled the lyrics of rap star Eminiem to scrutinize his opponent Mitt Romney's ability to relate to average Americans.

Following an admission that the economy still needs work and that he himself is not perfect, Obama directed a lyrical jab at Romney: 
 Don't ever try to judge me dude, you don't know what the fuck I've been through!  But I know something about you...  You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school!
Obama's rhythmic charge refers to Romney's days at Cranbrook, a privileged private high school in suburban Detroit---where annual tuition is over $50,000.  While at Cranbrook, Romney infamously and maliciously pinned down a gay student and shaved his head against his will.

The lyric comes from the 2002 film, 8 Mile, loosely based on the early days of rap star, Marshall "Eminem" Mathers. (Video clip)

Romney's response to the Cranbrook comment was, "Oh come on, it was either Cranbrook or a dumpy ass public school.  Pshhh."