July 25, 2011

HISTORIANS: Foggy Bottom Originated as 1775 Slang for "Swamp Ass"

WASHINGTON, DC - (@TheComedyNews) - Historians at George Washington University have uncovered the origins of the name of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  

According to their research, the neighborhood Foggy Bottom got its name in 1775 as a slang term for what is currently known as "swamp ass".  

"Foggy Bottom is an affliction that has plagued every resident of Washington, DC dating way past the Revolutionary War times," a GWU professor notes. 

"In 1775, then General George Washington was frequently irritated by his soldiers who were late to formation because they had been changing their sweaty underwear---especially during the humid, sultry 90-degree summer days in DC".   

The discomfort felt by the revolutionary soldiers came to be known as "Foggy Bottom" due to the influx of "foggy" moisture on the posterior "bottom" of people exposed to the dewy elements of the DC basin.  

It is widely known that the thicker the of the undergarments---particularly those of soldiers in uniform--- the more intense the Foggy Bottom case becomes. 

In 2011, Foggy Bottom in its original connotation is almost completely absent from the DC vernacular.  The common term for sweaty undergarments causing discomfort on one's posterior is now known worldwide as "swamp ass".