August 18, 2011

Obama Takes Another Vacation on his Ranch in Crawford, Texas

Outraged Republicans: "It's Unprecedented, Irresponsible"

CRAWFORD, TEXAS - (@TheComedyNews) - President Barack Obama will be spending the next two weeks vacationing on his family ranch in Crawford, Texas---and republicans are quite irked.  

The 44th President and his family arrived in Crawford where he is expected to be chopping down trees, off-roading in his pick-up truck, and avoiding reading any intelligence memos relating to terrorism

Republicans have seized the opportunity to scrutinize Obama for taking a vacation in Texas while ignoring the needs of the American people. 

"Never before has a President taken vacation from his duty in Warshington," spat republican Elmer Earl Jerbison, a puppy-mill owner from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Constitution does not say anything about the President being allowed to go on no damn vacation to no damn Texas."

Jerbison is correct in his assertion that the Constitution does not micromanage the President. 

"The founding fathers, George Warshington and Thomas Jefferson, didn't take vacations," Jerbison continued.  "The founding fathers were always hard at work at being President.  And back then, the President got no help to do nothin'.  All by themselves, Warshington and Jefferson would run the country and plow the fields at their plantations which in today's dollars, would have been worth half a billion bucks.  That Obama...unprecedented, and irresponsible." 

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a current Presidential candidate from Minnesota took an even bigger step into the land of lies and bullshit by announcing on Twitter, "the founding fathers wouldn't have appreciated Obama going on vacation while treating the American taxpayers as slaves." 

President Obama's vacation has also been marred by on-going protests on the perimeter fence of his Crawford Ranch.  The day and night protests are being orchestrated by the mother of a Tea Partier who's son tragically died while attempting to slash the tires of vehicles owned by the Democratic Party. 

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