December 14, 2010

TCU Fans Read Up On Wisconsin

Badgers Should Prepare As Much As Horned Frogs Do For Rose Bowl

FORT WORTH, TX - (DoghouseDaily) - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs fans have done their homework in preparing to share the Rose Bowl Stadium with Wisconsin Badgers football fans on New Years Day.

Top Six Facts TCU Fans Should Know About Wisconsin

1). Wisconsin's mascot, Bucky, is lame because it is named after a dance called "The Bucky". Bucky also sounds like "Buckeye". Wisconsin must be Ohio State Buckeye wannabes.

2). Wisconsin's football stadium is at a place called "Camp Randall". Oh, the cute little Badgers go to camp to play with their friends. Oh so adorable. Don't forget to wear sunscreen and DEET.

3). At the Badgers' training facility, a sign reads, "The Road to Pasadena Starts Here". The only Pasadena they know about is 2,000 miles away in California. Texas has its own Pasadena, just south of Houston.

4). Former Vice-President Dick Cheney went to school at Wisconsin for a year. He knew Wisconsin would just hold him back, so he left school in cheeseland to become Vice-President with George W. Bush--who comes from Texas.

5). The average temperature on New Years Day in Madison is 9.3 Degrees Fahrenheit. There is no way those cheeseheaded Wisconsin fans survive the first half of the Rose Bowl without melting into Badger fondue.

6). The University of Wisconsin is constantly overshadowed by other schools in their Big Ten Conference like Michigan and Northwestern in academics and Michigan and Ohio State in football. Oh yea? There isn't anyone that overshadows TCU in our Mountain West Conference. We're #1! Go Frogs!

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