December 7, 2010

LSAT To Offer Open-Note Exam; Still Just As Difficult

NEWTOWN, PA - (@The Comedy News) - In an effort to make standardized testing more deceptively difficult, the administrators of the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) decided to make their examinations "open note" for the 2011 year.

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) cited that, "the existing examination procedures were coddling test takers too much."

For years, it was a well-known fact that having notes and cheat sheets would not improve LSAT scores at all. And because of that, the LSAC never saw allowing notes at the three-hour exam as yet another deceptive means of throwing off test takers just a little bit more. But by allowing prospective law students to have their own notes during the LSAT, many test takers will be duped into putting more time into preparing their notes rather than studying in the traditional way.

To add further insult to test takers, a new LSAT logo has been unveiled, featuring palm trees in a purple sunset haze. It is expected that this logo will have a calming effect on test takers who would otherwise be freaking out about the importance of that one exam on their future as a lawyer.

Without a doubt, the now open-book 2011 LSAT examination will be the most difficult to date.