January 7, 2011

Nicholas Cage Celebrates Birthday With Explosions, Car Chase

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - (@The Comedy News) To celebrate his 47th birthday today, actor Nicholas Cage indulged in setting off an array of explosions and concluding the day with a car chase.

"I fell in love with explosions while making The Rock back in '96. The boom. The bam. The wow. A big fiery ball of incredible. I want lots of those for my big 4-7 birthday," explained Cage while defusing a rocket of VX nerve gas in his Beverly Hills garage. "Birthdays aren't any fun, are they? Join the Nicholas Cage party side! Blow some shit up, whattya say?" He excitedly grinned with his eyes wide open.

Last year on January 7, Cage celebrated his birthday by riding on a U.S. Marshalls plane carrying prisoners to the super-maximum prison in Florence, Colorado. He was disappointed when he learned that he could not set the prison transferees free for his own amusement. Cage's 44th birthday entailed a museum scavenger hunt from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, to New York. That party was cut short due to Cage getting arrested for attempting to steal various museum artifacts.

"Travolta and Connery are coming over later on, and we're gonna have a big ol' car chase down Santa Monica Boulevard to Venice. We're gonna wreck half of L.A.! We'll run stop lights and speed through school zones at about 3:00 PM. Connery's got a stolen Humvee, Travolta's gonna drive a police car, and I'll be in a yellow Ferrari."

After Connery leaves to get to bed early, Cage and Travolta are going to keep the birthday celebrations going by switching clothes, IDs, wives, kids, and faces and then leaving on plane to Las Vegas to drink themselves to death.