May 1, 2011

50 Million Young Adults Nationwide Say "America, F!#k Yeah" At Least Once Today

"Fuck Yeah" Tweeted, Facebooked, Shouted, 4.8 Billion Times

SEA TO SHINING SEA - (@TheComedyNews) -  How exactly did Americans react to Osama bin Laden being killed by US Special Forces?   

"AMERICA,  FUCK YEAH."  That's how.   

Immediately following the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, millions of Americans took to social networking sites to express their profound jubilation---approximately 4.8 billion times as of 9:00 AM Eastern Time. 

The bulk of the users of the "America, Fuck Yeah" phrase are young adults, aged 18-35.  

Young adults throughout the United States have rejoiced at least once today by shouting, tweeting, and facebooking the hottest new patriotic rallying cry.

The origin of the phrase, "America, Fuck Yeah" can be traced to the fall of 2004, when the film, Team America:  World Police was released.  The film, a satire on the War on Terror, was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone---the masterminds behind the hit TV show, South Park.  A musical anthem played throughout the film featured a song was titled, "America, Fuck Yeah!"--- characterized by jingoist sentiments, and prideful pro-war lyrics. 

Internet traffic websites are confirming that the most repeated phrase of the day today has been "America, Fuck Yeah", with more than 4.8 billion instances of use. 

Ten Ways "America, Fuck Yeah" Has Appeared in Our Dialogue Today

--  "Today, my 4-year-old daughter was sent home from kindergarten for writing "America, Fuck Yeah" in her fingerpaint class to describe what she did over the weekend.  FML."  Vicki, 24, Mequon, Wisconsin.  (fMyLife)

--  "I guess this means I'm next.  Oh well, until then, AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!"  -James Hoffa, 98, East Rutherford, New Jersey  (Twitter)

--  "Fuck You, Osama bin Laden.  May 1st is Officially "Fuck Hitler and Fuck Bin Laden Day".  America, Fuck Yeah!"  -Sister Mary Clarence, 33, Las Vegas, Nevada  (Facebook)

--  "Let's see his old bones.  I want a picture of Osama dead!  No really, I do, it would look great on my wedding invitations.  America, FUCK YEAH!"   Sandra, 20, St. Louis, Missouri  (LinkedIn)

--  "If America can capture Bin Laden, I can perhaps find a nice Jewish boyfriend.  America, Fuck Yeah!  Oy givult."  -Sophia Zembrowski, 23, Brooklyn, New York (JDate)

--  "WINNING!  AMERICA!  WINNING!  FUCK!  WINNING!  YEAH!"  Charles Sheen, 45 Hollywood, California  (Twitter)

--  "Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!  Roma-roma-mamaa!  Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!  America, Fuck Yeah!"  Lady Gaga, 25, New York, New York.  (Facebook)

--  "[310]  He had just taken off my pants when one of his room mates ran into his room and shouted, 'AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!  WE KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN!' and tried to give him a high five with me just laying there in a bra and no underwear."  (Texts From Last Night)

-- "[Shaking President Obama by the shoulders]  Holy shit!  No way!  George W. Bush is probably so salty and drunk right now.  AMERICA!  FUCK YEAH!"  Vice President Joe Biden, 68, Washington, D.C.  (Oval Office