March 19, 2012

Congressional Dick Caucus formed by Senators Durbin, Blumenthal, Burr, Lugar, and Shelby

Congressional Dick Caucus Seal
WASHINGTON, DC (@The Comedy News) -  A bipartisan group of Senators and House of Representatives members has formed a new caucus, the Congressional Dick Caucus.  

The Congressional Dick Caucus is aimed at congregating all of the Richards and Dicks in both the House and Senate into a powerful ensemble that will ensure that members of Congress abide by a strict code to be complete dicks to the American people for generations to come.  

"Americans often wonder, 'how does dick come to be a nickname for Richard?'"  Rhetorically asked by Senator Dick Durbin, founder of the Dick Caucus.  "Well today, Congress recognizes this conundrum, its double-meaning, and will forever work to ensure that not only will Dick remain a synonym for Richard, but that there will be many dicks in Congress for as long as there is a USA on this Earth!  I yield the floor."

Political insiders expect the Congressional Dick Caucus to aim to get some sweeping dick legislation through to the President during the upcoming year.  One piece of legislation is likely to be the "Doing It Can Kill" Act (formally known as the DICK ACT), which places a surtax on all sexual intercourse, by taxpayers and their pets. 

Senate members of the Congressional Dick Caucus include Senator Dick Durbin (D-Il), Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), and Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). 

House Members of the Congressional Dick Caucus include Congressman Richard Nugent (R-FL), Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA), Congressman Richard Hannah (R-NY), and Congresswoman Laura Richardson (D-CA).

In all, there are three democrats, and five republicans in the Congressional Dick Caucus.  The Dick caucus also is made up of seven males, and one female. 

The Great Seal of the Congressional Dick Caucus (pictured above) features a left handed middle finger on red white and blue striped background.  Still, the Great Seal of the Dick Caucus has come under scrutiny, for it is very similar to the great seal of the Congressional Fuck You Caucus, chaired by Senator Tom Coburn and Congressman John Boehner.  That seal looks basically the same, but with an unwashed right hand caked in snake oil and pee.