December 26, 2012

Jewish Geography Offered as a Major at 23 Universities

Field of Study Focuses on Jewish Peoples' Ability to Find Mutual Connections

MADISON, WISCONSIN - (@The Comedy News) - Its description starts almost like a joke:  "Two Jews meet in the street.  One says to the other, 'hey do you know'..." 

The social inquisition colloquially known as Jewish Geography is now being offered as a major field of study at twenty-three colleges and universities across the nation.

Some of the universities and colleges offering Jewish Geography as a major include Columbia, Duke, Delaware, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, University of Florida, Maryland, George Washington University, Brandeis, and Vanderbilt. 

The Jewish Geography department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison offered to publish its syllabus for their survey class during the upcoming spring semester:   Jewish Geography 118: Introduction to Jewish Geography

Lecture 1:  Jews:  Who the hell are you?

Lecture 2:  New York, Miami, and Wyoming??  Big City vs. Small City Jewish Geography

Lecture 3:  The Art of Asking Leading Questions

Lecture 4:  Conventional Reactions to Positive Jewish Connections

Lecture 5:  The Steins and the Bergs:  Goldsteins and Bernsteins; Goldbergs and Pittsburghs

Lecture 6:  Tactics in Abruptly Ending a Jewish Geography Session Gone Awry

Lecture 7:  Summer Camp Politics

Lecture 8:  Jew-dar:  Seeking Potential Jewish Geographers Without Saying a Word

Lecture 9:  Guilt Trips: Backhanded and Intentional

Lecture 10:  Parent-Orchestrated Blind Dates and Other Disasters in Jewish Geography

Other classes in Jewish Geography:
Jewish Geography 269:  Forming Early Geography Skills in JCC Nursery School

Jewish Geography 313:  The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Wars 

Jewish Geography 613:  Overbearing Jewish Mother Seminar

Jewish Geography 714:  Jewish Dads and The Sociology of Tolerating Miserable Jokes

Jewish Geography 750:  Palm Beach, Palm Springs, and Scottsdale:  Jewish Geography While Eligible for Social Security

Jewish Geography 799:  Gathering the Jews:  How to Run a Jewish Community Website