September 10, 2010

Fidel Castro Revealed to Be Robin Williams; CIA Triumphs in Long-Awaited Bay Of Pigs Rematch

HAVANA, CUBA - (The Comedy News) - The former leader of the República de Cuba, Fidel Castro, was revealed this week to be just a character played by Academy Award-winning actor, Robin Williams.

While most of the world has been under the impression that Castro is an 84-year-old former President of the Caribbean communist country of Cuba, the CIA disclosed today via Twitter that in the summer of 2002, a Bay of Pigs II invasion was covertly conducted, resulting in the overthrowing of Castro. In a new experimental means to a democratic end, the CIA hired veteran actor Robin Williams to portray Fidel Castro to taciturnly implement democratic processes into the Cuban government.

Speculation has grown about Williams' connection to Castro after a recent propaganda ad featured Castro proclaiming, "I'm a hip old Prez that likes to take a chance, have political romance, salsa dance... And, sì! Sì! Sì! All rules come from me! Me! Me!"
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