February 6, 2011

George W. Bush Cheers the Green Bay Package Guys over the Pittsburgh Robbers

43rd President Talks Total Nonsense with John Madden for 3 Hours

ARLINGTON, TX - (The Comedy News) - Former President George W. Bush had quite an extravagant evening at Super Bowl XLV in suburban Dallas. The 43rd President had a double date on Sunday night with his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, John Madden, and Madden's date, a plate of nachos.

"I was so excited to see that guy John Madden wanted to hang out with Laura and me while we watched us some Super Bowl football," said President Bush. "I've been meaning to tell him in person that I used to go to my room at the White House and play Madden 2002 whenever Cheney or my dad would get on my case about the war and tax cuts."

President Bush spent the duration of the game talking total nonsense with John Madden as they sat together in the same luxury suite at Cowboys Stadium. Topics covered included women falling down at casinos, nacho toppings that are really exciting to order at TGI Fridays, and figuring out why the Dallas Cowboys were not playing in a football game at their home stadium.

"I told John that I think someone has been messing with Texas. The Cowboys should be playing football in their stadium. Anyways, I rooted for the Green Bay Package guys to beat the Pittsburgh Robbers tonight."