November 8, 2010

Millions of Conan Fans Scramble to Figure Out What Channel Is TBS

ATLANTA, GA - (DoghouseDaily) - On any given night, the bulk of TBS' viewership comes from people who are just channel surfing and happen to stumble upon some mediocre programming. Tonight, millions of excited Conan O'Brien fans will frantically scramble to figure out what channel on their cable box is TBS.

"We never really put much effort into advertising for our programming," a TBS insider noted, speaking under the condition of anonymity. "Here at TBS, our ratings come from that lonely bored everyman demographic who is probably sitting on a couch or futon, surfing the TV guide, and happens to see a show that is moderately interesting. When we approached the Conan show, we decided to try things differently, and advertise for a change. Only problem is, well, no one really memorizes the channel number for TBS."

The Conan viewers that are likely to have the least amount of trouble locating TBS on their cable box include Atlanta Braves fans, Shawshank Redemption enthusiasts, and longtime fans of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling Monday Nitro. Either way, the Conan premiere on TBS is expected to be the biggest planned TBS-watching night of all time.