December 17, 2010

Packers Coaches Shocked To Learn An Injured Quarterback Can Be Benched

GREEN BAY, WI - (@TheComedyNews) - Following today's morning meeting at Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers' coaching staff were astonished to learn that if a starting quarterback is injured, he can be benched for the duration of an entire game.

This revelation began when the team doctor informed the Packers coaches that starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not likely to be recovered by this Sunday from his recent concussion.

Upon hearing the injury update on Rodgers, the Packers' coaching staff insisted that starting quarterbacks, no matter how injured, will always play and can never be benched.

When outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene pointed out that coaches can certainly bench an injured quarterback, head coach Mike McCarthy retorted, "no way, nuh uh. The Green Bay Packers do not bench starting quarterbacks under ANY circumstances. You hear me, Greene? Starting quarterbacks must start and play every single game. It's even written into the Green Bay Packers team handbook. Here, here's the bylaw: 'Starting qwarturbakz can dueu anything they want;, --/and they haveta start every single game, even if there enjerd'."

Greene patted McCarthy on the back to calm him down. At that point, Greene pointed out to the head coach that the egregious spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the bylaw line about quarterbacks indicate that the bylaw was likely inserted into McCarthy's team handbook by none other than Brett Favre circa 2006.

This was likely the reason Brett Favre was able to break the record for consecutive games started by an NFL  quarterback, and keep it going through 2010. 

McCarthy decided at that point that backup quarterback Matt Flynn will be starting the Packers' next game against the Patriots on Sunday night.

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